Inserting Machine

Suitable for small and medium-sized motor stator inserting.

Winding Mahine

Suitable for all kinds of micro motors such as fan motor, water pump motor,etc.

Slot Insulating Machine

Energy saving, simple operation, high efficiency, low noise, long lifetime,etc.

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Changzhou Hanzhong Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional company of designing, production and sales of motor manufacturing equipment and accessories.  The main products including slot insulating machine,coil winding machine, coil inserting machine,forming machine, lacing machine, and accessories such as blade, wedge guide, wedge pusher, lacing needle, stripper, stripper holder, transfer former, etc. Our inserting tools can support of equipment such as the America ALLIANCE, Germany STATOMAT, DMG, Japan SANKO and other well-known international enterprises. Welcome to contact us for getting more information!


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